Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Transforming Spaces workshop at Symbiosis Gathering 2013

Ryan Rising of Rising Roots Design will be facilitating a workshop, storytelling, and dialogue at Symbiosis Gathering 2013 (www.SymbiosisGathering.com) of Transforming Spaces: implementing permaculture through direct action.  Symbiosis Gathering takes place September 19th through 23d in Oakdale, CA and will be hosting a permaculture intensive, Elementary Alchemy, before the gathering September 14th through 18th. 

Transforming Spaces workshop

This workshop will explore how we can act directly to change the world in which we live and transition our created environments, urban and otherwise, to be in greater balance with the earth's natural ecosystems. We will start with a story telling of direct actions over the past two years that have gone outside the realm of what is necessarily legal to create permaculture in the world around us; transitioning from systems based on resource importation and relationships of domination and capital to systems that embody symbiosis, mutual aid, and horizontal structures. From liberating busy city streets to allow the human movement of dance, to emancipating the earth below our feet for growing food, this conversation will explore the many ways in which we can create environments that foster community, ecology, and vitality.

Come hear stories from the occupy farm, renegade festivals, the struggle to save neighborhood gardens, and politically-active tent cities, and share some of your own. We will talk about future plans for a regional Village Building Convergence and the creation of greenhouses, plant nurseries, urban farms, and accessible kitchens in each and every square mile of the places we inhabit. Join in a dialogue around how each of us can create permaculture where you live, whether by creating a guerrilla garden in an abandoned lot near your home, or facilitating a skills and assets mapping of your whole town to connect people in a gift economy of food, medicine, and other needs and services. What can you think of outside the bounds of the current paradigms of hierarchy and capital? What is it you want to create? Come learn how to imagine, organize, and act together!

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